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Our World Pizza Day 2024

The World Pizza Day is every time you step into Antica Pizzeria da Michele!

Pizza, one of the most loved and widespread dishes in the world, has won the hearts and palates of millions of people.

There’s something unique about our World Pizza Day, something that goes beyond mere tradition and is rooted in passion, dedication, and the pursuit of perfection.


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L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in the World

Antica Pizzeria da Michele in the World, a brand that has turned pizza into a true global icon and encapsulates a single common element in all its pizzerias: love for pizza.

The Global Expansion of Antica Pizzeria da Michele

With over 40 Neapolitan pizzerias scattered around the globe, Antica Pizzeria da Michele has expanded well outside its hometown, Naples, bringing the authentic taste of pizza to every corner of the world.


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This truly makes us the protagonists of Pizza Day worldwide!

But what makes us so special on World Pizza Day?

The answer lies in the philosophy guiding Antica Pizzeria da Michele: attention to products and absolute loyalty to the original recipe.

We represent pizza worldwide, and we are proud of it.


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What sets Antica Pizzeria da Michele apart is its uncompromising attention to the quality of ingredients that are the same in all the chain’s pizzerias.

From the selection of flours to the choice of tomatoes, every component is carefully chosen to ensure an excellent final product. This commitment to quality is reflected in the authentic and unmistakable taste of their pizzas, maintaining the genuineness and tradition of true Da Michele pizza.

Loyalty to the Original Recipe of Da Michele Napoli

The original recipe of Da Michele pizza, passed down through generations, is the beating heart of Antica Pizzeria da Michele.


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It’s not just about preparing a pizza but keeping the authenticity and history alive.

The pizzeria commits to strictly follow every step of the traditional Da Michele Napoli recipe, from the dough fermentation process to the wood-fired oven baking.

In Malta, you can eat Da Michele pizza exactly as in Naples and around the world!

We Popularized Pizza Worldwide


The Da Michele pizzerias worldwide are the symbol of authentic Neapolitan essence

In this context, Antica Pizzeria da Michele can rightfully consider itself a pioneer in making pizza even more popular globally.

The spread of “Da Michele” pizzerias worldwide is a tangible sign of how people have embraced and loved authentic Neapolitan pizza.

It’s a pride that goes beyond commercial success; it’s the satisfaction of bringing a part of Neapolitan culture and tradition to every corner of the planet.

For this reason, when celebrating World Pizza Day, we feel rightfully like true protagonists.

Every time you sit in a Pizzeria da Michele, anywhere in the world, you truly feel like it’s a festive day.

On this World Pizza Day 2024, celebrated with the enthusiasm and simplicity that only pizza can evoke, Antica Pizzeria da Michele stands as a beacon of authenticity.

The global expansion, driven by attention to products and loyalty to the original recipe, testifies to the extraordinary influence of our pizzeria in shaping the global pizza landscape.

Our perception of World Pizza Day is different from all the others because we celebrate pizza every day without realizing it.


We don’t just make pizza… We are pizza!